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My mission is to create movement in people's lives so that they will be inspired to flourish as they live out their own stories.

I believe we are all meant to live a venti life where we stand tall and rise up into our unique voices, inhabiting the spaces and places we find ourselves occupying.

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Having spent 30 years working in public and private sectors, non-profit organizations, academic institutions and faith based communities, my eclectic and diverse experiences from which to draw on and connect with you in whatever industry you work is one of my greatest assets.

Let me help you and your organization create movement that will unleash new creativity and practices individually and organizationally: 

  • Small business & non-profit boards
  • Strategic thinking sessions
  • Team development
  • Specific project ideation, development and management
  • Networking & fundraising strategies
  • Seminars, workshops, retreats, pro-d days, facilitations, individual, team, group

My coach approach to change management and getting unstuck creates space for you to flourish and live the life you were created for:

  • Non-directive individual coaching - one-on-one; in person; phone; zoom; skype
  • Non-directive team/ group coaching - team, performance; in-person; phone; zoom; skype
  • Completing certification (ACC - Associate Certified Coach) with ICF International Coaching Federation) (
  • Prepare/ Enrich Facilitator pre-marital & relationship coaching (
  • 30 minute free consultation to determine needs, fit and goals
  • Packages individually tailored to you because you are one of a kind