How would you describe Brenda-Lee to someone who doesn't know her?

  • "She knows how to cast broad strokes of thinking as well as look through the finishing touches of an idea. Her ability to evaluate a situation or system invites an honest, yet constructive approach to problem solving. Throughout my time knowing Brenda, she's always been a catalyst for positive change." Luke, Worship & Media Director


  • "She builds into people. She listens well and makes people feel heard and valued. She’s also an interesting and passionate speaker. A good writer too." Rick, Marketing Consultant

What would you say Brenda-Lee's top three strengths are?

  • Persistent; transparent; creative. Zaighum, Community Relations Rep & Guest Experience Lead, McDonald's Canada


  • "Her ability to hold her own in a conversation (she can respectfully counter an opposing ol'stick in the mud type with archaic views on just about anything); She does her due diligence; She does her checks and balances before she comes to a decision or opinion - and still she will dig further. I am in awe of her ability to remain strong, optimistic and upbeat in spite of everything weighing against her at any point in time".  Heather, Business Assistant, Social Enterprise Entrepreneur 


  • Listener; engagement; activator. "What she is passionate, purposed about she will commit to doing with excellence, to the best of her abilities - and she'll bring other amazing peeps on a team along with her". Melody, Social Enterprise Entrepreneur


  • Genuine love of people; understand clients needs; being able to reframe any event. "The principle of looking at things in a more empowering way is different from positive thinking. You’re not trying to pretend an event didn’t happen or hope that it will just go away, you’re allowing your client to see it in a way that allows them to feel better about it and move forward."  Anastasia, Program Leader, Remote Year

Just one of the incredible people & organizations I have been honoured to work with.

"Dear Brenda,  I cannot  thank you enough for your invaluable contribution to the fund raising committee meeting on Sunday. You gave me real insight into how we should think and act in this difficult task. Personally I now have a much clearer idea on the way forward .I hope that we will see you again. Love, LW"                     Non-Profit Team Facilitation (2017)