It’s January 6th. 

I know, where has the year gone?  I don’t know about you but I have been inundated with posts/ instagrams/ emails this year about what to do instead of making resolutions, what books I should read (because everyone seems to have a list of books), what I should eat/drink/ exercise/ be/ learn/ talk/ walk/ speak up/ shut up… 

Six days in and I am already feeling exhausted. 

So I will tell you none of that! 

Here is what I will share with you though. I have been part of the #OneWord365 community for about 7 or 8 years now.  OneWord is about centering your upcoming year around a single word that resonates with where you are right now and how you sense and intentionally lean into the upcoming year.  It is a look ahead as to how you want to show up over the next 365 days. (Check out their website here https://oneword365.com)

It is not simply a to-do-list or a dream-list that sometimes feels out of reach or imported from someone else’s dream.

No body gives you your word, there is no secret dance or meditation practice.  It is not as mysterious or airy-fairy as it may sound (let me clear though there is nothing wrong with airy-fairies).

Here’s why I love it. 

It causes me to pause and be present to where the word shows up throughout the year. It compels me to slow down and reflect on the past year, see my areas of growth and change, look at the events, both ordinary and wondrous, and reflect on what I have learned about myself through those events. It frees me up to see how this word weaves itself in large and small ways throughout my life; ways that affirm, empower and give deeper meaning to things I have experienced. It also give me a framework to make decisions more intentionally when I use my word as a plumb line to see if what I am doing and saying yes or no to are aligned with how I want to show up this year.

Here’s how I do it.

I begin praying and meditating in the fall about the upcoming year. I reflect on what has taken place and where I see this year’s word ending in order for a new word to emerge and usher me into the new year. I speak the word out loud, write about it in my journal to see how it feels and how it lands with my heart, mind and soul. I also ask trusted friends to see how they see this word working in my life and if they have input or nuances to share with me as I test the waters before jumping in. 

My word for 2019 is #UNLEASH.

It became clear a few weeks ago that I needed to untether myself from some very negative patterns of thinking, patterns that no longer served me well. These patterns were holding me back and if I wanted to experience an unleashing of creativity in my work and in the opportunities I wanted to pursue in 2019, I needed to begin unleashing these old ways of thinking.

I’ll be honest. This frightens me. It is going to mean some deep digging and being brutally honest with myself to identify them and then do the hard work of exiling these toxic patterns and replacing them with new healthy ones.  And yet I know as this unleashing takes place, piece by piece, thought by thought, in obvious and hidden ways, the unleashing of fresh, wildly creative energy will in tandem be able to break forth and flourish. And as that happens, BAM!

Holy unleashing! 

So what’s your word friend? Do you have a sense of what 2019 will hold for you? How do you want to see and be seen this year?

Let me know what your word is (or goal, or resolution/ non-resolution) so I can encourage you this year (maybe even suggest a book or two - wink, wink). 

Hallelujah anyways,

Bren xo

PS- Did you know I am a certified coach? If your feeling stuck and want 2019 to be a year of getting unstuck, maybe I can help. I would be honored to have a chat. 

When Conversations are Hard - Separating Intent from Impact

When Conversations are Hard - Separating Intent from Impact