So a #Reckoning It Will Be In 2018

So a #Reckoning It Will Be In 2018


"And so she sat back and thought about all the things that led up to this moment in time. The experiences that made her so ridiculously happy that the work never felt like work, but was laced with unspeakable joy with every encounter she engaged in, every email sent, every schedule re-evaluated, every prayer she uttered, every conversation that created movement, every heart listened to.

And she flipped the paper over and with blue ink, the words and images of intolerable pain spilled out onto the page…the times she was misunderstood and maligned, the words that cut her so deep that the bone was exposed, its off-white milky color tinged streaky grey; both strong and brittle at the same time. Every passed over opportunity, every fear that held her back, every glass ceiling that she could not penetrate with her determination, her integrity, her passion, her brilliance.

Every lie she believed would be reconciled with every truth that would rise above. Every experience re-examined, every encounter re-evaluated, every failure re-framed. The year of reckoning was upon her and she would lean into it with every ounce of her bravery, vulnerability, and humour."

I stopped the revolving door of New Year’s resolution a few years ago and replaced it with an enlarged way of thinking about how I want to show up and be seen in the world.

The #oneword365 idea is simple - pray, meditate, reflect and zone in on a single idea or notion wrapped up in a single word.  And allow that word to shape how you would engage the world, your world for the year. Your work world, relationship world, family world, big dream world, little idea world. Whatever your world was made up of, allow the one word to center and shape you.

For me, one word releases me to create movement in all the areas of my life in a holistic way because I am allowing my full self to show up in every part of my life.

Rather than segmenting parts of me into color coded categories, I see myself fully complex and fully capable of a range of emotions, ideas and activities that align with the larger purpose or mission of my life.

Sometimes that means taking away or eliminating things in my life to create more space for creativity, relationships or rest, with words like #space #rest #no #enough #simplify. Other times it means stepping it up and pressing into something that scares me or doing something brave and I might choose a word like #bebrave #jump #amplify #create #movement.

My word this year in fact surprised me. As I was journaling and reflecting this month about the upcoming year, thoughts of past disappointments kept resurfacing. Some of these events and encounters I had dealt with years ago. But somehow they continued to take up space in my mind and cause me to doubt my own abilities, the things I was proud of from my past, how I measured the value of my former contributions. I felt that I needed to set the record straight in my own mind and put to bed once and for all, the lies and misconceptions from the past that were derailing my future.

I need a reckoning.

So a #reckoning it will be in 2018.

Bring. It. On.

To find your tribe and join the one word movement, check out the link here

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